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 Sheree Arden BN (Bachelor of Nursing), Northland, New Zealand


I have spent the past 2 years trying different pharmaceutical medications to reduce my blood pressure (BP), which had an elevated systolic of 160-195 and diastolic between 90-110. A vasodilator achieved the best results, but my BP remained around 145/95, and I still take this at night.

With the daily distance session Garret now administers to treat my hypertension, he has successfully stabilised my systolic to be in the 120’s and my diastolic in the 70’s or 80’s. I still have slightly elevated readings, of up to 130/90 in the morning, however it quickly comes back down again as the new day’s distance session begins. 

I am celebrating feeling much healthier and energetic with my “normal” BP and am truly delighted with the results. 

Thank you Biofield Tuning NZ.

Florence V Kororkoro- Auckland NZ

I had the Facial Session for 2 weeks. The concept of a remote facial beauty session is new to me. I noticed that my skin's firmness improved. I had more of a natural glow and thanks to my skin becoming tighter the fine frown lines on my forehead disappeared. I would highly recommend this to anyone. The best part is that it is done remotely. 

Loving Peace- Iceland

I had the Facial Session for one week and my skin got tighter and more radiant. Thank you Garret and I will be back for more.


The Mitochondria boost-Anti ageing session had me feeling like a brand new person. I haven't  felt this vibrant since I was a teenager. Before the sessions I felt weak and had a long history of fatigue. After the sessions I felt a vitality and energy I haven't felt in decades. Thank you Garret

Rebbeca- Texas USA - Creative Photographer.

Garrets sleep sessions have been amazing for me. I've taken herbal supplements for a long time and they  never fully help me, but Garrets sleep session put me right to sleep. Especially in a very loud environment, I was able to ignore the sounds and sleep with ease. Doing sleep sessions with Garret I  was able to go off my herbal supplements.

Michele-New Zealand

I was at about 35%, now after the Mitochondria boost -Anti ageing session with Garret, I'm at maybe 60%.

With definitely more energy, motivation and clearer thinking. Plus the flu I was coming down with didn't go any further and has cleared up more or less. I think it's a great result , Thanks Garret

Garth-New Zealand

I approached Garret with the hope that he could help me reduce or even eliminate my serious PTSD. I have had PTSD my whole life. I had Biofield Tuning sessions with Garret over 5 months and just last week I realised my PTSD had completely disappeared. That day was a milestone in my life. His work has been very powerful and impactful in my life and I would not hesitate to recommend him. He is always prompt and kind.

Martin Crump-Auckland New Zealand- Writer, broadcaster, and MC.

"I'm over 60 so aches & pains are a part of life. Also my left foot was swollen & painful to walk on. What concerned me was that it was not getting any better after 3 weeks and I thought I must have a fracture or bad sprain.

I just got home from work and took my shoes off with great relief, when I noticed I had an email from Garret saying he has a frequency health tonic that may be of benefit to me.

I emailed him straight back & told him about my foot and that I'd like to get on board and give it a go. He immediately got back to me and said that i was now connected to the frequency health tonic 24/7. No more than a few hours go by and the pain in my foot is gone, and over the next week or so my aches and pains in my back and knees also. I couldn't believe it. It's  hasn't even been 2 weeks, but no pain in my foot or anywhere else . I'm only going to say one more thing . Thanks Garret !!"

Heather and son- Sydney Australia


Thanks to Garret and Biofield Tuning New Zealand, my twenty year old son has gone from being depressed to being happy. My son and I had all eleven Chakras cleansed, tuned and balanced, Garret was in New Zealand and we are in Australia. I noticed a massive shift in my son's mood and personality, as for me ' i feel just wonderful for having the Biofield Tuning distance sessions, Thank you Garret! 

Anju- India


I opted for the distance sessions with Garret on a friend’s recommendation. During the first session I fell asleep but after the session I felt rejuvenated with energy. After the 11 chakra cleanse tune and balance, I can say I have experienced a positive effect in my overall well being - in terms of being at peace; feeling more focussed & better equipped to deal with life's situations. I believe this has helped me to adopt a positive mindset. I highly recommend Garret to anyone who is interested in distance biofield tuning. Thank You Garret! 

Kathy - Brisbane Australia


It's a big blessing to discover the wonderful benefits of biofield tuning. Garret has already helped me profoundly and I've only had one session so far. My head feels clearer than it ever has. Living in a big city and being sensitive to chemicals, I always feel that my head is congested from pollution. During the distance session with Garret I felt my head completely clear, like it was having a bath. Other benefits I received during the session included experiencing a clearer mind, my nervous system relaxing and increased bone strength in arms and spine. Truly an experience I'll never forget. Looking forward to my next session soon. Thank you Garret!" ~ Kathy

Elisa Mclean- Taupo New Zealand- Psychotherapist-Teacher

Since my first session with Garret I have felt so much clearer, more connected with myself and focused. I have also been able to make some life changing decisions more easily and confidently!

One year Later-

I have just had my 11 chakras cleaned and balanced by Garret. I feel absolutely wonderful and amazing, in fact i cant believe i feel so good. I,m so grateful Garret, thank you very much! 

Jaspreet-Auckland New Zealand


I am 35 years old. I have fibromyalgia and have had constant muscular pain and fatigue for years. I was introduced to Garret and his services when I was having a big flare up and was experiencing cognitive issues along with widespread pain. After my eleven chakra cleanse & balance i felt much clearer and happier and passed Garrets details on to a friend. About ten days later Garret put me on Pro-R frequency health tonic. After about eight days i didn't need anymore pain killers or my wheatbag. Shortly thereafter i felt pain free for the first time in years. Thank you Garret!"

Diem Nguyen-Singapore- Graphic Artist.


As an office worker and freelancer, I often have to sit at my desk for up to 12 hours or more a day, which resulted in constant sciatica pain. Even though I do exercise and yoga, which help a little bit, I thought the pain was something I just had to live with until I talked to Garret and he introduced me to Pro-R Frequency Health Tonic. Amazingly, after about 10 days, I didn't feel any pain anymore. What a great relief! The discomfort during my menstruation has also gone away (what a bonus!). Additionally, my meditation and sleep quality has also improved significantly. I also eat less without feeling hungry or low energy. Obviously, the tonic is a source of nourishment yet it has no calories. All contribute to my happier and healthier self. Many thanks, Garret!

Margaret Clark - Auckland New Zealand


I had the blessing of Garret's form of healing (the 11 chakra cleanse tune and balance) completely by the grace of the Gods. I had never heard of Biofield Tuning before and have been doing Mirimiri since I was 20 (which is clocking up 30 years now) which is a form of removing heavy energy through massage. 

I have never in my life experienced anything quite like it! His form of healing defiantly healed some past wounds and some old grievances that I was unconsciously carrying around with me. I also became so much more aware of the environment around me and of my own inner self. The healing I received from Garret was so mind blowing that I cannot recommend it highly enough, Sincerely Margaret. 

My teenage daughter has now also had the 11 chakra cleanse & balance from Garret resulting with these amazing and life changing results: We are finding our communication is now so much better between us and she is much calmer and more confident. Her overall well-being has increased immensely and for that i am so grateful, thank you so much Garret! 

Nicola -New Zealand

Since my Mitochondria-Anti ageing session, I'm feeling a lot lighter, more alert and motivated and have more energy and less body stiffness, so that's great. Thanks Garret.

John Keogh-Auckland New Zealand-Ex Military, Truck driver

I’m 57 years old. I’ve been driving trucks for 30 years. Before that I came from a farming background and market gardening. I played all sports, though mainly soccer and cricket.

I had pain in my left shoulder, my knees used to be in pain and back pain.

 I started Pro-R Frequency Health Tonic and within two or three days, the pain in my shoulder and knees had gone, wow, I can now move more freely again and my back pain started to improve as well, so I’m freer and I move better in what I have to do. I can bend my knees again and start exercising  which I couldn’t do before taking Pro-R frequency health tonic. Also being ex-Army I can start doing things I use to  do when I was young."

Carolyn Bayford-New Zealand

I am a 39 yr old woman, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, niece and friend. I had my very first sound healing session and experience with Garret two weeks ago. I was advised by Garret the benefits and also the possible detox symptoms that I may experience after my (treatment) session. During my first session I saw colour when Garret was working on different chakras. What happened over the next week was incredible. I felt energised, connected and amplified. However the new clarity of my thinking and thought process is beyond words. Today I had my second session and once again saw colour and felt intense vibration and energy. I am looking forward to the rest of my sessions as I feel that they have greatly benefited me! I would highly recommend and suggest Garret and his service. Kind Regards, Caroline.

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